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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CITIZENS! Increase the body's resistance to viruses.

Never before has it been so important for a nation to maintain its health and immunity. Everyone knows about the basic hygiene and hand wash recommendations but not so much about how and why one should strengthen the immune system.

Here we give brief and simple advice on what you should do that prepares you for virus attacks. A strong immune system can fight disease, even in case of infection you can go without symptoms - just as it should be.

This is also the case with the current Covid-19 virus. Some people can walk past almost unnoticed without symptoms.

The most important protection in the body is the lymphatic system that runs along blood vessels throughout the body. The lymphatic system has gotten a little undeserved attention, although it is central to our health and well-being.

Here is a brief information about the lymphatic system and why it is so necessary and important.


We have hundreds of lymph nodes found throughout the body from head to toe knees. Lymph nodes are small bean-shaped nodules that produce lymphocytes, these filters harmful substances from our tissues. The lymph nodes contain macrophages (cells) that digest cell debris, pathogens and other foreign bodies.

These lymph nodes are connected by a network of lymph vessels that run exactly like our blood vessels throughout the body. In these vessels flows the lymph - fluid formed when tissue fluids / blood plasma (usually water with proteins and other solutes) flow into the lymphatic system. The lymph contains many lymphocytes which are white cells, these fight infection.

The lymph consists largely of water, we will write about this in a later article and explain why water is important to keep the system running

The largest organ in the lymphatic system is the spleen, which acts as one blood filter. It controls the number of red blood cells and the blood supply in body, it also helps fight infections. When the spleen detects potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms in the blood, white blood cells (using lymph nodes) called lymphocytes. They act as protection against intruders.

Lymphocytes produce antibodies to kill aliens microorganisms and stop the spread of infections.

People can live without a spleen even if those who have had surgery to remove the spleen due to illness or injury are more susceptible to infections.

The lymphatic system has no "pump" that causes the lymph fluid to flow around the body. Instead, the lymph moves partly under the influence of impulses from blood vessels but the biggest driving force is in the muscles ie physical activity.


As we described above, the lymphatic system fights viruses in the body.

Slow lymphatic movement often causes problems such as low immunity and increased susceptibility to viruses.

Lack of water in the lymphatic system can also be a problem. When available little water in the body, the lymphatic system is among the last to receive water. The results in the lymphatic system not functioning properly and viruses and bacteria can not be removed from the body due to lack of movement in the blood vessels.

So the first piece of advice is: DRINK A LOT OF WATER!

We recommend alkaline water with minerals in it. This is optimal for the body and nourishes the cells. Ordinary tap water is free of minerals and then stays outside the cell, which in turn prevents the cells from being nourished.

You can read about mineral-rich water here.

Another important factor is to get the lymphatic system moving.

Standing water gets bad!

Taking walks or physical activity is the driving force behind the lymph.

An even more effective way is rollmassage with proven results from

tens of thousands of people. This is a great way to boost your immune system.

The environment in the rollmassage salon follows the general recommendations for Covid-19. We clean and use a strong disinfection solution after each customer to make you as a customer feel safe.

Never before have we seen so many people come to rollmassage only for immunity and health as now. Beauty, cellulite and loss of centimeters have been important in the past but they are a result that can not be achieved without improving the function of the health and lymphatic system first. The result is the same, but the purpose is now different.

Rollmassage is specially designed to activate the lymphatic system and expel waste products, viruses from the body. It developed that way as early as the 1920s but has been overlooked until now when Beautiful Me introduces rollmassage that helps keep the lymphatic system functioning.

Thanks to the support of doctors and medical staff, Beautiful Me rollmassage a recognized way to increase the body's resilience and ability to be healthy.

Keeping your immunity at a high level is the only right thing today emergency and rollmassage is without a doubt the best you can offer your body. Our hostesses in the salon share a wealth of information about water and minerals to keep you healthy and well.

Due to the special attention paid to hygiene and bacteria, Beautiful Me salons have introduced special hygiene requirements and disinfection measures. All so that our customers can strengthen their immune system through rollmassage without having to worry.

We recommend you watch the video on our website or Facebook Beautiful Me massage salon where Dr. Riina Raudsik tells about immunity. And the hygiene measures introduced in the salon are introduced.

Make it your ultimate goal to stay healthy and your immunity high.

Take care of your health!

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