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The tasks of the lymph nodes and the effect of the roller massage.

When lymph nodes function as they should, the body's circumference, cellulite, decreases

reduced and well-being increased.

The roller massage has been created just for this.

What information do lymph nodes have?

The work of the lymph nodes is to fight / kill bacteria, strengthen the immune system and filter out harmful substances from the body. They also control the fluid flow in the body and slow down the lymph flow.

The lymphatic system produces approximately 2 liters of lymph fluid per day. Swelling occurs again

the work of the lymphatic system is disrupted and the flow of lymph fluid is obstructed due to a

illness or trauma.

Why is lymph massage good?

Lymphatic massage improves metabolism, helps to get circulation on fluid like collected in tissues and thereby reduce swelling. The lymphatic system can sometimes be sluggish.

The lymph massage helps and trains the lymph vessels, lymph capillaries and lymph nodes so it are stimulated and work optimally.

As early as 1930, Thomas Barthold explained in his medical dissertation on lymphatic vessels and the function of the lymph nodes. The lymph vessels carry slag products out of the body and through Lymphatic circulation affects the roller massage blood, lymph fluid and tissue fluid. This makes that the body's cleansing is activated by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid in the lymph vessels.

Lymphatic therapy or manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is particularly suitable for those with disorders lymph vessels, swelling and fluid retention.

The roller massage helps to get the lymphatic system going

The duration of the massage is 56 minutes. The first 10-15 times (active treatment) are done treatment 3-4 times a week. Some need more treatments, this is individually.

In order to then maintain the result achieved, treatment is recommended 1-2 times per month.

To help the body clear out toxins and slag products, the recommendations are that drink plenty of water / green tea before and after treatment. During the treatment regimen a healthy lifestyle is also recommended for best effect.

Avoid large meals two hours before and after treatment.

Rollmassage treatment is several times more effective and efficient than regular lymphatic massage.

A regular lymphatic massage by hand can not give the same effect as the roller massage.

Our treatment does not stretch, stretch or stretch your skin in any way. You select and work yourself with the body area you consider to be most problematic.

The treatment is very relaxing and soothing for the whole body and nervous system.

The lymph massage is the best massage for cellulite treatment, this is because it helps reduce the fluid in the fat cells.

When we sleep, our lymph flow slows down. The lymph flow also slows down when we get insufficient with exercise, are overtired and perform monotonous work. When the flow is slowed down, it is formed mechanical obstructions in lymphatic pathways that cause inflammation and body temperature becomes lower.

As a result, fluid is formed that can press on tissues and nerve endings.

A regular lymph massage is between 120- 160 AUD, our rollmassage is several times more effective and also affordable.

Other treatments cost up to 2 times more, but are not as effective as the Beautiful Me rollmassage.

Lymphatic therapy is useful for:

  • Relaxation and stress release, the treatment affects the autonomic nervous system in a positive way

  • Reduces tension and pain in muscles

  • Reduces swelling that has occurred due to little physical activity, fatigue, inappropriate / one-sided working postures, overheating, hormonal disorders

  • Metabolic diseases, rheumatism, joint and tissue diseases

  • Respiratory diseases, skin diseases

  • Beauty treatments, both before and after surgery

  • Preventing and relieving pregnancy toxicosis (swelling of the feet)

  • Stimulate blood cell metabolism

  • Cleansing and detoxification of the body, weight loss

  • Strengthen the immune system

Lymphatic treatment is not performed with following conditions:

  • TBC (Tuberculosis)

  • Severe kidney disease

  • Heart failure

  • Cancer

  • Akute inflammation

  • Liver inflammation

  • Hyperthyroidism (overproduction of the thyroid gland)

  • Atherosclerosis

In lymphatic treatment, these side effects may occur:

  • Temporary increase in pain

  • Dotted bruises

  • Broken capillaries, when there is too much pressure applied.

  • Hematoma

  • Lymphatic blockage in body areas therapy does not reach.

Massage is not recommended for the following ailments (applies to all forms of massage not just lymph massage)

  • Chronic heart failure (arrhythmia, myocarditis, myocardial infarction)

  • High or low blood pressure

  • Venous inflammation, varicose veins, increased risk of blood clots

  • Acute inflammation (fever, pneumonia)

  • Skin diseases (permanent wound infections, contact dermatitis, ulcers)

  • Infectious diseases

  • Cancer / tumors or when cancer / tumors are suspected

  • Acute renal failure

  • Acute liver failure

  • Injuries and trauma that have recently occurred

  • Large birthmarks, bruises

  • TBC (tuberculosis)

  • Psychosis

  • Risk of miscarriage

  • Breastfeeding

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